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Exeter Car Auction

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Regular Wednesday Auction Of Cars, MPV's, 4x4's, Motorbikes etc.
Held At Husseys New Auction Centre, Tedburn Road, Whitestone, EX4 2HH.
Bidding Starts At 6.00pm. Viewing Is From 9.00am.
£200 Cash Deposit Required From Those Not Known To The Auctioneers.
Catalogues Available On Site Or Online.
Buyer Registration Required Prior To Sale.

Expected Entries To Include:

Auction To Be Held At Our New Site At Whitestone, Exeter, EX4 2HH

Entries Now Invited!

Direct P/X From Main Agent:

09/09 Saab 9-5 1.9TID Edition - 1910cc  Estate Diesel (Black, 111k)

05/05 Nissan Pathfinder SE DCI 174 - 2488cc Estate (Silver, 165k)

04/04 Peugeot 307 Style 90 - 1360cc 5dr Hatchback (Green, 159k)

04/04 Peugeot 206 Quicksilver - 1360cc 3 Dr Hatchback (Silver, 98k)

02/52 Nissan Micra Tempest - 998cc 3 Dr Hatchback (Blue, 76k)


Private & Trade Entries:


13/13 Mazda 6 SE-L Nav D - 2191cc 5dr Estate (White, 89k)

12/61 Vauxhall Insignia Elite CDTI Auto - 1956cc 5dr Estate (Grey, 155k)

10/60 Ford Galaxy Zetec TDCI Auto - 1997cc 5dr MPV (Blue, 104k)

09/59 Ford Focus Econetic TD 109 - 1560cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 95k)

08/58 Vauxhall Meriva Design CDTI - 1686cc 5dr MPV (Silver, 122k)

08/08 Renault Scenic Dyn DCI 106 - 1461cc 5dr MPV (Blue, 61k)

08/08 Ford Focus Econetic TD 109 - 1560cc 5dr Estate (White, 177k)

07/57 Peugeot 207 GT CC HDI - 1560cc 2dr Convertible (Black, 92k)

07/57 Ford Ranger D/C 4WD - 2500cc  (White, 131k)

07/56 Citroen C3 SX Auto - 1587cc 5dr Hatchback (Grey, 75k)

07/07 Vauxhall Astra Life - 1364cc 5dr Hatchback (Blue, 87k)

07/07 Mini Cooper S - 1598cc 3dr Hatchback (Blue, 78k)

07/07 Kia Sedona LS A - 2902cc 5dr MPV (Silver, 136k)

06/56 Mitsubishi Colt CZ2 DI-D AMT - 1493cc 5dr Hatchback (Red, 79k)

06/55 Vauxhall Astra SRI CDTI 150 - 1910cc 5dr Estate (Grey, 162k)

06/55 Subaru Forester XE - 1994cc 5dr Estate (Blue, 41k)

06/06 Volkswagen Passat SE TDI Auto - 1968cc 5dr Estate (Blue, 127k)

06/06 Volkswagen Passat SE TDI 140 - 1968cc 4dr Saloon (Green, 187k)

06/06 Peugeot 307 S - 1587cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 86k)

06/06 Peugeot 206 Allure CC - 1587cc 2dr Convertible (Blue, 133k)

05/55 Mercedes C230 Avantgarde SE Auto - 2496cc 5dr Estate (Blue, 131k)

05/05 Toyota Corolla T3 D-4D - 1995cc 5dr Estate (Red, 164k)

05/05 Skoda Octavia Elegance TDI PD A - 1968cc 5dr Estate (Beige, 155k)

05/04 Ford Focus - 1596cc 5dr Hatchback (Blue, 79k)

04/54 Volkswagen Golf TDI SE - 1900cc 5dr Hatchback (Red, 155k)

04/54 Peugeot 206 Quiksilver - 1360cc 3dr Hatchback (Silver, 98k)

04/04 Toyota Yaris T2 D-4D - 1363cc 3dr Hatchback (Red, 108k)

04/04 Mini Mini One - 1598cc 3dr Hatchback (Black, 94k)

04/04 Alfa Romeo GT JTD - 1910cc 2dr Coupe (Blue, 150k)

03/53 Toyota RAV4 XT4 D-4D - 1995cc Estate (Black, 112k)

03/53 Isuzu Trooper Citation DT LWB A - 2999cc 5dr Estate (Maroon/grey, 139k)

03/53 Audi A3 Sport TDI - 1968cc 3dr Hatchback (Grey, 171k)

03/03 Peugeot 206 D Turbo HDI - 1997cc 5dr Estate (Silver, 160k)

03/03 Jeep Cherokee 2.4 Sport - 2429cc 5dr Estate (Blue, 96k)

03/03 Hyundai Matrix GSI Auto - 1599cc 5dr MPV (Green, 77k)

03/03 Honda Civic Inspire S - 1396cc 3dr Hatchback (Silver, 100k)

03/03 Ford Mondeo Graphite TDCI - 1998cc 5dr Hatchback (Grey, 218k)

03/03 BMW 520I Touring Auto - 2171cc 5dr Estate (Blue, 115k)

03/03 BMW 318 CI Convertible - 1995cc 2dr Convertible (Black, 99k)

01/51 Audi A4 T SE - 1781cc 4dr Saloon (Blue, 148k)

01/51 Audi A2 - 1390cc 5dr Hatchback (Black, 124k)

00/W Volkswagen Golf SE - 1600cc 5dr Hatchback (Silver, 105k)

00/W Renault Megane Scenic Sport Alize - 1598cc 5dr MPV (Blue, 162k)


Further Entries Invited & Anticipated


All Entries Provisional And Subject To Withdrawal At Any Time.

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